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Are salt water pools chlorine free?  What are the advantages of a salt water pool?

        Salt water pools actually generate their own chlorine.  Since chlorine is a derivative of salt,
        the salt water pool system has a chlorine generator cell in it.  As the pool water passes through, the
        chlorine generator cell sends an electric charge between titanium plates; that charge creates liquid

        The advantages of a salt water pool; salt water is softer on the skin, saves money on chemicals,
        and less abrasive to pool finishes and equipment.

When should I open my pool?

It is best to open a pool BEFORE any signs of pollen. This is usually sometime in March.


Is a safety cover worth the money?

This is a little more involved much depends on your usage and pool location. If you are going to cover/close your pool for winter then a safety cover is the only cover I recommend using. If you are not in a forested area then you may want to weigh the cost of installing one of these covers over just keeping the pool running through the winter. It could take years to recover this money and ALL pool covers have to be replaced. This replacement cost will be less than the initial install and will vary depending on the material used. But, surprisingly, it may not be worth closing the pool. Call or Email us for more info on pricing!

 Do I have to drain a green pool?

          Probably not… Most of the time we can correct the water balance and repair whatever caused the pool
          to go green. This can save money that would be spent on re-filling the pool. However some pools may
          need to be acid washed or because of the age of the pool or because of the amount of debris in the
          pool it may have to be refilled.



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