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We are happy to service all types of pools. However due to the specialized parts of some PRE-FAB or above ground, self contained spas we do not REPAIR these. We will be happy to maintain these types of spas but do not stock the parts to repair these units.

HOA Pools-

We offer service plans for any size or type of HOA pool. We are the best choice for these pools due to our continued training and attention to water safety. Make sure that you only use a GAPP member someone trained, insured and certified to service a public use type swimming pool. All too often, especially in the Forsyth County area, we see pool service companies that do not meet these requirements. This is a HUGE liability risk for any HOA and the people associated with it. Not to mention a risk to the health of all who use these pools.

Payment Plans-

First, we have an annual contracted arrangement. This is a plan that averages the costs over the entire year (12 months) so that all expenses excluding large repairs are included in this monthly fee.

Second, is the month to month payment plan. A monthly service fee is charged during months the pool is open and chemicals are charged on the usage for that month of service.

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