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Bank Owned / Foreclosed

During these difficult economic times it may seem secondary to list pool maintenance as a high priority. But due to liability issues associated with swimming pools they are of serious concern for financial institutions today. Pools can become not only a large deterrent to selling a home they can be a cause of financial burden when not maintained.


We are seeing pools that have not been maintained become more and more of a concern to neighborhoods. One pool left un-attended can produce millions of mosquitoes by itself. This has huge health concerns for cities in warm months. Pools that are not clear are also a concern for drowning due to the fact that someone or someone’s animal may not be visible to onlookers.


These pools are also going to have higher maintenance costs and repair costs. Pools left to sit will have broken pipes, damaged filters/ pumps and leaks. These items will contribute to the current water crises and higher operation costs for all parties involved.


We offer many plans with bank owned properties in mind and have experience in dealing with these properties in a way that will prevent high dollar repairs and operating costs. We can also discuss service options that will make a home with a pool more appealing to buyers.

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